Professional Essay and Thesis Editing

At Essay Editing International, we use English for Academic Purposes (EAP) teachers who work in English colleges and university foundation programs to edit your essay, thesis, dissertation, or other written document.

Our editors are professionals who are trained, qualified, and experienced to not only edit your document, but are also able to explain your mistakes when needed.

Essay Editing International provides a 100% professional online editing service. We want to build lasting relationships with our customers, so we want you to be happy, every time.

If you are not happy with our editing, we will keep working on it for no extra cost until you are happy. This is our Satisfaction Guarantee.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Essay Editing International wants to build long lasting relationships with all of our clients.

We want you to return whenever you need editing of your essay or thesis in the future.

We achieve this by our Satisfaction Guarantee.

After we have edited your document, if you’re not 100% satisfied, we will keep working on it until you are.

If you’re still not happy, we’ll refund your money: guaranteed.

Price Competitive

Essay Editing International charges some of the lowest online English editing prices on the internet.

However, our service quality is extremely professional and our Satisfaction Guarantee ensures that you are happy with our editing.

See our Prices page to see how price competitive Essay Editing International really is.


Essay Editing International will deliver your essay or thesis document on time, every time.

Documents under 5,000 words will be delivered in 48 hours or less.

Documents between 5,000 words and 10,000 words in one week or less.

Documents larger than 10, try to interest in fast essay writing service ,000 words can be discussed with our editors.

Why you need online editing

Many people don’t know that in many university subjects, students are specifically marked on English grammar in their writing.

Subjects which do not specifically mark grammar, mark clear expression of ideas. This is not possible if there are grammatical and structural mistakes.

Essay Editing International will carefully read your essay (or any written document) and make any corrections necessary to make sure your ideas are as clear as possible, and that your writing sounds as professional and academic as possible.

What Essay Editing International does

Essay Editing International will carefully edit your essay or thesis and perform a grammar check, spelling check, structure check, topic sentence check, reference check, punctuation check, format check and expression issues check. Any errors will be corrected.

We will then send you back the original document as a word document showing exactly what we have changed, along with comments. We will also send you an edited version which is complete and ready to submit to your university or school.

We are sure you’ll be happy with what we do, but if you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll then continue to edit your essay or thesis until you are. That’s our Satisfaction Guarantee.

See our Examples page to get a better idea of what Essay Editing International does.